Friday, 4 March 2011

Kitchen-bike workshop editorials

2 new pieces created using observational drawings (the bastards didn't let us have the brief until after we'd done most of the drawing.) This resulted in a day or two with me owning one frustrated red face. Yet, here we are and I know it was for my own good. Although it kills me to say it they were right and it feels like I've genuinely learnt lots. Damn it

Almost forgot! These would be used alongside articles in a sunday supplement. The article they accompany is discussing the movement of the family kitchen/dining room into possible rooms for bicycle workshops!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jenny. You asked for comments so I'll do my best but I'm not to farmilir with your illustration style just yet so if what I say goes against your usual style just ignore me :) lol.

    I really like the looseness of both pieces (they feel like a home should :D) but I would say your bikes could maybe be a bit sharper or stand out more. I didn't notice the bike parts straight away in the 2nd illustration and I don't feel there is a direction for my eye to go straight to in the first.

    I'm really sorry if any of this sounds harsh, its not meant to... I'm awful with words :( I do like both pieces, especially the use of colours and what looks like print (coffee rings perhaps? lol).

    Good luck with the brief. I hope I was of some help.