Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sol Linero - Oceans

Oceans from Sol Linero on Vimeo.

Really love the imagery in this. The shapes and textures are gorgeous! Makes me wish I would get a project like this... nom nom nom

Naked drawing = fun

This was filmed sneakily by tutor Tony during one of the Life-drawing sessions at uni. Tony knows this is my favourite part of life drawing. Known as the 'expressive part' we are encouraged to focus on communicating the feel of the pose, working on translating the focused strength and muscle tension of the pose onto the paper.

This practise has strongly influenced my learning and helped me to realise that in illustration you can draw things exact or styled up as much as you like, but it's all useless if the right feeling isn't there. This is something I've been really focusing on this year.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Illustration Friday - Bicycle

The moment I stop doing illustration friday for a bit, one turns up that I'm falling over myself to submit for! Thank goodness I checked what the weeks word was.

These are re-jigged images from a recent bookcovers project at uni.

To view the original bicycle bookcover (and the rest of the project) click here to see them as flats, and here to see them mocked up in 3D.

it's PROMO time...

One of my favourite parts of the promotional / summative project to tie-up year two

surface design evenings #3 and #4..


As with many ideas for this area, this started out as an idea for something else, but when I was putting it together and playing with it, it felt right for a tee design. I can imagine it as part of children's wear.


So I'm not entirely sure if this counts as 'surface design' but it's another thing I've been thinking about. Why should illustration just be confined to paper and online when there's a chance to have much more fun with it?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spot editorial MASSIVE re-jig

Also spent today trying to go over this one (scroll down to the 2nd image). MUCH happier with it now, but again, it's impossible to get it perfect in one sitting. I'll come back to it later in the week with some fresh eyes.
(p.s - the white semi-circle is a pre-set requirement for the surrounding editorial piece.)

Now to enjoy some well earnt sunshine in the swing seat.... YEA!!!!

Editorial Illustration re-jig and tweaking

Had another look back at this one and gave it a spruce up, including some of the new methods I've learnt since then. Still have a feeling I'll be returning to this in a few days but here he is so far...

Tweaked logos for the 'Riverside Trust' and 'Starks'

I re-did these alongside our last (summative) project as I wanted the new versions to be included. These have only been tweaked slightly (thankfully that was all they needed), so haven't drastically changed. But a small change can make a big difference. Tried to make them feel lighter and less busy, as seemed appropriate.

For information on the companies, and to view the original work click here.

Adaptahaus logo-reshuffle

The Easter holidays is currently also known to me as 'tweaking time'. Now is a chance to look back, recognise the (sometimes horrendous) mistakes I have made since christmas and make them portfolio worthy.
The first final version of this logo is from a previous project (which you can view here). At the time I knew it wasn't quite right, and now haven taken on the advice of tutors and had a re-think I am much happier with the result. Now, whats next...?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Christian Robinsons' Moss Covered Blog

This guy is awesome! Nice and simple. No fussy bits getting in the way. This is the kind of work that makes me want to elope with my bearded love to the country, make nice pictures and grow vegetables.....!

surface design evenings #2

So this is surface design no.2. Not bad. Still feels a bit generic, but I'm happy with it for the moment. Started out ages ago as an idea for a t-shirt, but when i tried to do that it basically screamed at me to be put on a cushion.
The stamp is a badge I made at Christmas, with the original design in mind (so it would sit on the t-shirt in the appropriate place).
Maybe one day it'll feel right for a t-shirt again, who knows!

surface design evenings #1

My course leader has been pushing me to give surface design a go. So this is was what I got up to yesterday evening. Developed from one of my personal sketchbooks. The non-plate versions are slightly different. Gonna give another one a go now.