Monday, 23 November 2009

I am a tree

please excuse the tired 'i've been drawing all day' face

The Woodland Octopus

On a weekend walk round Jesmond Dene in Newcastle.....we just couldn't help ourselves

Mitchell Spider on BOOOOOOOM

I just found this young man on the fabulous I like the combination of messy pencil and strong black line. It has a good feeling about it. I'm not going to pretend to understand it...but I like it!! (beware....some of his work is scary)

cumbria apron

This was the project to introduce ourselves at uni. Mine is in the shape of overalls and reads 'Jenny: Greenfingered gardener growing groceries'. My favourite bit is the worm font i made up for it.


OH MY GOD. Can no-one see that this is a unicorn fish? Why isn't it called that?!!!! The world is insane

diving at the aquarium

When in rome..........

Tree face

Oh dear. The silly man has got himself buried (close up at top) but can you spot him at the bottom? Many thanks to the help of a toppled tree in the lakes

sophie's camera card

My younger sister had her birthday in the summer. She's fallen for her camera and seeing as their strange machine/lady wedding is soon i thought this was appropriate

rockpool photography

I am lucky enough to have a camera thats waterproof to 3 metres....the perfect excuse for some rockpool photography playing!

the biggest cabbage in the world?!

Taken at a brilliant garden (i love gardens me) in scotland this summer. My bag is pretty big in lady bag standards so this cabbage is proper scary

gruffalo invades seven stories

RRrrrrrrrrrrrrarggggghhhhhhhhh I am the gruffalo. This is at the awesome seven stories (childrens centre for books) in Newcastle. Decided to induldge our childish sides....

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Scotland Sketchbook Pieces

This and the following few are a selection from my sketchbooks when on holiday in scotland. There was a farm next to the cottage so a posing cow wasn't hard to track down!

Drawing focusing on the light and shade on the leaves of the red tree. Didn't mean to use this mark making but it happened as i was drawing quite quickly when applying the colour.
Sketching whilst he fishes. Lyme River in West Linton, Scotland.
Visited a walled garden on holiday with the family. This area was a bit secret and really beautiful, like the colours were a bit insane. (Someone gone a bit crazy with the wondergro?)

Alison - colour experimenting

A sketch of my friend Alison while we had to 'mind' the final show. Experimenting with use of and application of colour aswell as speed of drawing.

One liner- paint palette

This is a design for a competition from social designer. The brief was around the theme of 'one-liner'. I decided to use this to create an image using a single line rather than make a cheesy one-liner comedy image.

happy rain

This image was one of two created for a competition from Design21. The brief was to create a design for a plate centre around the theme of 'happiness'. I tried to avoid the cheese and focused on the idea of taking an optomistic view on life and seeing good things where alot of people only see things to be glum about.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Surprise pink cake with strawberries

Used my afternoon snack as a warm up drawing for some images I have been creating for a design competition. Will add these soon..

Monday, 13 July 2009

A series of Nakedness

This and the following two are thanks to the two episodes (if you would call it that) of the life classes recently from channel 4. This was the first. It's all a bit scribbly but I hope you can see it's a middle aged man on his back?! Was also experimenting with some new pastel and charcoal pencils that were a present a little while ago. (I was rather afraid of them but I think they're lots of fun now).
Not exactly my favourite. It's the one I had the longest on, so naturally ended up overworking it with far too much colour and blending. Another lesson learned...

Another c4 life drawing. Some bits are all squiffy but i still rather like how it looks overall.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Big Ripe Pineapple

It's a pineapple! Very rushed after work yesterday evening because i was desperate to EAT IT. Did you know that pineapples try to dissolve you when you're eating it? That's why it feels a bit tingly. But i defeated it!! Ahaahahahaha munch munch
The colours in it as it ripened are awesome.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Garden Flowers

Did this quickly in my garden today. I quite like it! I really liked my cow picture yesterday so i thought i would try working in the same style. Its really fun drawing like this!

Scilly Isles (from a description)

This is the part of an image i did yesterday as a birthday present for my dad. I started meaning to do a 'proper' picturte all neat and complete. I don't know why but I really didn't want to do this, didn't feel right!
I really like the way it has come out and the appearence of the colours on the brown paper, which I've never used before.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mr John

This is donkeys old but im still rather fond of old mr john. Drawn on the day i discovered the magic world of fine liners.

Fenwicks Coat

Tweed coat drawn in Fenwicks on the shop floor with everyone staring. Awesome. The shadings a bit off but i was distracted by nosy middle aged women with too much make up and perfume.


Drawn from observation directly into sketchbook with inkpen. Was a bit frustrating because i couldn't erase my big mistake (spot it?).
Done from the high class top notch barbers in Eldon Square. The text is from the glass window.

ooooh new shoes!

no, new blog actually.

Isn't this exciting!
Lots of pictures will be added very soon, fingers crossed. Thats if i can master all this new fangled technology