Thursday, 28 October 2010

Frrrrringe Festival drawings (I'm cold)

Here is some of the drawings I did in build up work for the piece below. It was great fun just having a few days to get lost in a couple days of just drawing.

Fringe Festival

Below is the flat spread for a promotional leaflet for Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is our first project in which we used our own illustrations. Some areas are cut out on the actual final piece (when it's all folded up). You can see some of the individual pages/details above. I will put up some images of the final piece when we get them back from marking.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jon Klassen layout

Here is the final piece for our previous Uni project (for an imaginary book spread). The purpose was to practise layout and typography, aswell as broadening our knowledge of illustrators/designers. I was given the wonderful work of Jon Klassen, and I hope I did him justice. I got a 2:1, and for once think I did a reasonable job, so I'm happy. Want to try and find some bigger images (none were available at the time) to improve on this.