Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I did it!

The finished piece! I'm really quite chuffed, what with it being my first digital collage of separate drawings. I can't wait to try it out again with the next one. I especially love the how the patterns worked out for the fish.
For those who are unaware Star Gazey pie is a cornish dish originating from a legend based in the costal village of Mousehole. (Read 'The Mousehole Cat' by Antonia Barber, I grew up with it, it's amazing and features great illustrations from Nicola Bayley).

Starry Gazey Pie in progress

It's coming along! This is taking a little longer than expected as I'm certainly learning along the way but so far it's what I pictured. Any comments appreciated, as this is my first illustration using this method (like a drawing collage in photoshop).

Monday, 13 September 2010

Starry Gazey Pie

Some build-up work for Illustration Friday 'Star Gazing'. This was a few weeks ago but it sadly got moved to a lower priority whilst the 'big move' was in it's final stages. This week it SHALL be completed! I like it so far so I'm determined to get it done.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Octopus

This drawing was made about a year ago, before my tutors had taught me how to 'draw properly', so it's a bit naive, but I still like it. I had a brilliant time drawing it as the octopus was really active, wriggling around all over the place - hence the broken lines and scribbles.

The Octopus 2

An etching made during our uni etching induction. This was made from the original octopus drawing I made at Tynemouth aquarium, which I've been meaning to but on age. It will be added above next.