Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cheers Jeffery Fisher

I have this cut out from a Jeffery Fisher illustration and blu-tacked to my desk. When I feel like giving up on a project (like now) it reminds me of all those rubbish jobs I've had in the past and how flippin lucky I am to have this chance to do something I really enjoy. (Even if it drives me insane, it's worth it).

Jeff, you probably never meant for it to be used like this and I'm sorry for cutting into a copy of one of your lovely illustrations. Please accept my heartfelt thankyou as a form of apology. Perhaps I will even owe some of my (possible) future illustration career to you!

To view the original illustration and many more glorious creations go to
www.rileyillustration.com and click on Jeffery Fisher. Cheers Jeff

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