Thursday, 6 August 2009

Scotland Sketchbook Pieces

This and the following few are a selection from my sketchbooks when on holiday in scotland. There was a farm next to the cottage so a posing cow wasn't hard to track down!

Drawing focusing on the light and shade on the leaves of the red tree. Didn't mean to use this mark making but it happened as i was drawing quite quickly when applying the colour.
Sketching whilst he fishes. Lyme River in West Linton, Scotland.
Visited a walled garden on holiday with the family. This area was a bit secret and really beautiful, like the colours were a bit insane. (Someone gone a bit crazy with the wondergro?)

Alison - colour experimenting

A sketch of my friend Alison while we had to 'mind' the final show. Experimenting with use of and application of colour aswell as speed of drawing.

One liner- paint palette

This is a design for a competition from social designer. The brief was around the theme of 'one-liner'. I decided to use this to create an image using a single line rather than make a cheesy one-liner comedy image.

happy rain

This image was one of two created for a competition from Design21. The brief was to create a design for a plate centre around the theme of 'happiness'. I tried to avoid the cheese and focused on the idea of taking an optomistic view on life and seeing good things where alot of people only see things to be glum about.