Monday, 23 November 2009

I am a tree

please excuse the tired 'i've been drawing all day' face

The Woodland Octopus

On a weekend walk round Jesmond Dene in Newcastle.....we just couldn't help ourselves

Mitchell Spider on BOOOOOOOM

I just found this young man on the fabulous I like the combination of messy pencil and strong black line. It has a good feeling about it. I'm not going to pretend to understand it...but I like it!! (beware....some of his work is scary)

cumbria apron

This was the project to introduce ourselves at uni. Mine is in the shape of overalls and reads 'Jenny: Greenfingered gardener growing groceries'. My favourite bit is the worm font i made up for it.


OH MY GOD. Can no-one see that this is a unicorn fish? Why isn't it called that?!!!! The world is insane

diving at the aquarium

When in rome..........

Tree face

Oh dear. The silly man has got himself buried (close up at top) but can you spot him at the bottom? Many thanks to the help of a toppled tree in the lakes

sophie's camera card

My younger sister had her birthday in the summer. She's fallen for her camera and seeing as their strange machine/lady wedding is soon i thought this was appropriate

rockpool photography

I am lucky enough to have a camera thats waterproof to 3 metres....the perfect excuse for some rockpool photography playing!

the biggest cabbage in the world?!

Taken at a brilliant garden (i love gardens me) in scotland this summer. My bag is pretty big in lady bag standards so this cabbage is proper scary

gruffalo invades seven stories

RRrrrrrrrrrrrrarggggghhhhhhhhh I am the gruffalo. This is at the awesome seven stories (childrens centre for books) in Newcastle. Decided to induldge our childish sides....