Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dwayne's lovely whale

This is an image created by my tutor Dwayne Bell ( who teaches us all about the wonderful world of illustration at Cumbria Uni. It is lovely.

Sketchbook project

This is a page from a sketchbook we had to fill for uni, based around the campus. It's a pretty simple image but i like the way it came out.

Elastic band bird

More sculpture than elastic band holder but I have fallen for his ruffles...!

Pinboard Bird

Another paper toy. Comes with feather shaped note paper and easily supports pins.

Pencil Bird made-up

This is one of my final paper bird sculptures (see below for net and original sketches)

Long-legged pencil paper bird sculpture

This is a final net for the favourite of my paper bird sculptures. This is the pencil holding bird. Drawn with handmade dip pens (thanks Dad!). Feel free to print off and make up but send me photos. Pencils are inserted into pierced holes on the bottom side of the back box.

View the next post (above) to see it made up.

Uni sketchbook pages

Here is a selection of some of my recent favourite sketchbook pages from uni work. This one is development from my paper birds (variation on a theme from an original idea for each). Each bird is designed as a piece of paper sculpture which sits on your desk and also acts as a desk tidy.
Collage of earlier research done for dog project (I'm not a dog person so I had ALOT to find out). Finally found an interesting use for the factual bits of public librarys
Drawings done from research for paper toys project. Mine were new breeds of tropical birds in paper sculpture. The page on the right was done after looking at Charley Harper (i love you charley)
Developing ideas/imagery for final piece on fruit/veg project. This is for my cauliflower octopus (the head is the main vegatable and it's arms are the leafy bits). The brief was to develop a way to 'sell' the fruit/veg we had been drawing the previous weeks to children. Cauliflous kids...?
Idea generating for stop start countdown animation on the theme of indian pattern, shape and colour. All imagery taken directly from found research and developed/played with to make numbers. surprisingly fun!
Some research and preliminary sketches for mighty morphin' dog.

MIGHTY morphin' dog

This is a final piece for a project on well, dogs. We had to create images to match discriptions set in our brief. Odd but good fun. This was my favourite. Collage scanned then added to in photoshop. Deceptively fiddly to make, apologies for dodgy photoshop was VERY new to me then!