Monday, 7 June 2010

East Neuk Open Studios

Hilke MacIntyre

Elizabeth Shepherd

Lovely Pigeon
What a weekend! We had a 8 hour round journey up to Fife to go to East Neuk Open Studios, but it was worth it! Above are my favourite places, the photos don't do them justice. I also had no idea Fife was so flippin' lovely and the sun shone on the first day at least! To top it off I even got to meet Jill Calder (see below) who was really lovely.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


OH MY GIDDY AUNT. I am rather shocked to discover that I have not yet blogged Jill Calder. She is my favourite. And has been since I was shown her website. If these send you giddy lets start a club and perhaps you should have a peek at Enjoy!

The late shows

Sadly my camera died a death so there are no pictures to show you the loveliness of the late shows. There was glow paint and candles and illustration and print and music and ceramics and glass and wine and paint (not mixed) and lots more. Everyone seemed to have a jolly good time. It was a bit like christmas. You can find out about the next one at (it's much more fun than it looks). My favourite was (which was also much more fun than it looks!) It had studio on beautiful studio of things that made you feel fizzy and excited. Good times. If only there was more like this......

Brian Wildsmith is lovely

A few of us from Carlisle went along to seven stories as part of the late shows (in Newcastle) and in a plain looking side room we got a lovely shock. The work reminds me rather alot of another of my illustration idols (all bow) Jill Calder. I think it's the mark making and use of colour. Yummy in my eye tummies